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Abu Dhabi, a famous city in United Arab emirate, the second largest city in the country with 921.000 people lives in the city. Not only known as a largest city, Abu Dhabi also called as an expensive city where you can spend all your money here without even notice that your wallet is empty already because you just come and out from one shopping center to another shopping center which is full with lot of stores inside of it. For some people, especially people with unlimited money within them always said that shopping can be a good therapy for their body and mind and here in Abu Dhabi, there are some places which will be suits with your style and off course your budget. From the modern mall with stores inside of it to the traditional Arabian traditional market, you can find all of them when you in Abu Dhabi.

Shopping in Abu Dhabi is not just about how you spend your money but you can also find the best price with the best items here. The first place you should go when you are in Abu Dhabi is Iconic Madinat Zayed Shopping centre & Gold Souk. This shopping center is like a reminder or some kind memorial of Arabian souk with more than 60 stores, restaurant and food court as a part of the shopping center to spoil their customers. This place is the best place for their customers to spend their money in this city with lot of stores inside and also a large parking place for their cars. And if you want to find the best jewelry shop in the city, you come to the right place. Near the main mall, there is a place where you can find the best collection of gold and diamond jewelry in the area.

Abu Dhabi mall is another place for you to come when you are in Abu Dhabi, located in the tourist club area, this Abu Dhabi mall has become a new destination for shopping addict from around the world. When you come to this mall, you can find anything you want. You will find the newest collection of the famous designer to new make up collection from the world's famous make up brand because this mall has more than 200 outlets from every brand around the world. But the most famous place inside this Abu Dhabi mall is the Etihad Holidays in the 3rd floor, in this floor; you will find anything to recharge your body and happiness. With more than 40 restaurants in one floor and also lot of entertainments will give you and your family a new experience in Abu Dhabi.

But if you think that a mall or shopping center is boring and you need something new, you can come to Abu Dhabi central market, this central market was the center of the city's retail industries for more than 30 years. The market design was the original idea from the Arabic architecture and in here you can find more than a hundred outlets selling traditional artifacts, jewelry and even Arabic perfume and traditional clothing. Beside Abu Dhabi Central Market, there is one more place for you to go when you want to see the Arabian traditional market or place. That place is Sougha Emirate traditional handicraft; you can find a very unique product in Sougha which is made by the best traditional artist here in Abu Dhabi. Their skill to make the products was original and it was inherited from generation to the next generation in the family. The word Sougha itself usually translated into souvenir because in this place you can find a traditional handbag and hand made souvenir which is unique and only available in Abu Dhabi.

So if you are now in Abu Dhabi and you want to bring back some souvenirs for your family back home, you have some places for you to go and check out what you can find for your family. And do not afraid of the price because although the price is high but the quality of the item is high and off course you can still do some bargaining action with the shop until the price is fair enough for you and the shop.